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Name: NS-VRM01


What was the journey? The challenge was to take a rather dated and lumpy-looking VRod (perhaps something your grandfather may roll up on), also hated by some, loved by others due to the motor being designed by Porsche in collaboration with Harley Davidson, not your typical Harley-Davidson big twin which have been going for decades. We wanted to take it to being an aggressive looking machine but without scaring man, woman and child. We had a limited budget so there were other modifications we’d liked to have included on this machine, so look out for the next one…


What was the donor?: A 2014 VRod Muscle with low mileage, mechanically in great condition but sadly some corrosion on much of the aluminium.


How did NS plan the journey for the customer?: The customer was able to give us a fairly comprehensive brief which provided us with clear goals and from inception we knew this was going to be a fun build! We also agreed the areas where Naked Speed would take the lead in terms of engineering and design. In this way we knew before the build began that we were going to get the best outcome for both parties.


What were the interesting details of the journey? At the beginning there was a bit of a concern that we had just built something that could easily have been on a Star Wars movie, just take a look at the body kit in its bare form. Thankfully the force moved us away from this and that was into a distant galaxy, once there was some paint (albeit a BMW M Series satin grey), we were confident we’d taken the right path. We wanted to take the original wheels and give them a new lease of life so they were stripped back and repainted, diamond cut and polished, new boots and better than new.


What is the destination? The NS-VRM01 is an aggressive, loud and beautiful beast!

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