In loving memory of Mark Williams

who sadly passed away on 26th March 2020.

The time has come and you must go,

On your final, thrilling ride,

The road is calling – you hear it now,

So speed off with your throttle as your guide.

You’re all ready, your visor is down,

You give a loud rev as a goodbye,

Give in to the road, lift your feet off the ground,

The sun is out; now fly.


By his wife’s Carries sister, Emma Kilner, for Mark.


I first met Mark at the Bike Shed Show in May 2016. He was a first time exhibitor,
I was a first time visitor. He had built a beautiful BMW called Amducious,
which in my opinion was a serious contender for bike of the show that year.
It was kind of bike that you run your eye over and from headlight to tail light there isn’t a thing out of place.
Perfection is unobtainable but Mark had come within a hairs breadth.


It wasn’t until 2018 that our paths crossed again when
I responded to a call-out on Instagram and offered some help filming the Mind charity bike.
It was then that we began to build a friendship that I will treasure forever.


In two short years we became very close.
In fact in the early days of working with and getting to know Mark
my wife referred to him as the third person in our marriage.
Spending time with Mark was easy and rewarding because he was what I would call a good human being.
He cared about people, deeply. He was the first to offer help where it was needed.
The first to offer support to those who hit a rough patch.
The first to offer encouragement to those needing a little nudge to realise their potential.
The first to reach out to make sure his mates were OK.


Mark was strong; in mind, in body, in spirit and in opinion.
He had an eye for detail, the determination to see things through to the end and a natural talent for building bikes.


Mark was a lot of things I, in fact anyone, would aspire to be;
warm, funny, clever, caring, talented, dedicated, passionate, rebellious, respectful.


I already miss Mark and I believe I always will.


Will Pocknell